About Me

Who Are You? What is Your Story?

My name is Michael Simon, moved to Arizona in 2005 from California. I was born and raised in California with a birth date of April 11th, 1986.

My first computer was a hand me down from my cousin that was running Windows 3.11 in a huge tower that must have weigh 50lbs around in 1993. In late 1995 or early 1996 my mother’s co-worker took the system in and upgraded the system to Windows 95 and moved components over to a smaller tower making it much lighter. This was also around the time I actually started to get into computers and wanting to learn it.

In 1998 when Windows 98 was released was when I decided to try my hands on installing an operating system for the first time. About 2 years later, my family gotten a new computer running Windows 98SE. Around that time I had a friend who was more into computers then I was who showed me a few tricks on Windows 98SE which sparked my interest with computers even more.

In mid 2000, my uncle, who was working for HP at the time, built me a computer running Windows ME with hardware that was not out on the market yet. It was in the later year of 2001 that I started playing with the insides a computer.

Around this time was also the time I actually learned wireless networking with a router and wireless adapters.

In early 2002 I built my own system using some of the older components from the system my uncle built for me using a newer motherboard, processor and RAM. This was also the time I tried out different Linux flavors in a dual boot environment with Windows XP Professional.

In 2003 I tried my hands with water cooling which worked out great but later learned how difficult it was to maintain a water cooled system (although most modern day water cooling systems are now self contained and easy to maintain, I never went back). Around this time I started experimenting with video cards that had multiple videos out and so I had one out going to my TV for watching movies.

My first experience with a laptop was around mid 2004 with a Dell Latitude D505, if I’m not mistaken. I started learning about mobile computing as that was also the year I gotten a Nokia 6620 which was my footprint into smartphones.

So now I’m working with mobile devices and learning the differences. In mid 2006 I was on my 3rd custom built system and on a new mobile device which is the Palm 700w running Windows Mobile 5. In early 2008 I switch over to an Samsung SCH-i760 running Windows Mobile 6.1.

It wasn’t until I gotten a Blackberry Tour 9630 in 2009 that I gotten into modding phones. Starting with the Blackberry I learned about pre-released and leaked versions of the latest operating system of the Blackberry OS. That was also when I learned why they called Blackberry Crackberry.

In the late 2010 I switched over to the Droid X and that was when I learned about rooting and the ways of the Android OS. After about a year or 2 of having the Droid X, I switched to a HTC Thunderbolt and a Motorola XOOM tablet. My phone history went from the HTC Thunderbolt to a Samsung Galaxy S3, to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I am currently using a Motorola Nexus 6 as my phone. I gave my Motorola XOOM up but am currently using a nVidia Shield Tablet and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Each device I’ve touched I’ve learned to use to it’s full potential starting with the Blackberry and also helped friends and family with their devices.

That’s about all I can really think of to say for this section. Please browse through the site to learn more about me and my past.

~Michael Simon