Education and Certifications


Livermore High School
Livermore, CA

September 1999 to June 2004
High School Diploma

In high school, my main focus was in computer studies with a secondary focus in photography and videography. Took a class in Visual Basic 6 programming from which the teacher I had I was teacher her things she didn’t knew about.

Learned different techniques for film photography when studying the field. I was even a teacher’s assistant for the photography class helping with putting the chemicals together and assisted with classmates with proper equipment usage and chemical safety. I’ve also learned the bare basics of Photoshop with different experiments in photo manipulation.

In videography class I learned different techniques for filming and editing. I learned about different video editing software and the limitations of each software.

Las Positas College
Livermore, CA

September 2004 to June 2005

LPC is a community college in Livermore, CA from which I was starting my path in getting an AA degree in Computer Technology and possibly Computer Science as the actual career path. I started my course in CCNA as well but unfortunately was not able to complete it due to only being there for a year before having to move to Arizona. After moving to Arizona I wasn’t able to find the time to continue my education in a classroom environment.


A+ Certified
Issued: April 1st, 2012
Expired: April 1st, 2015
Verification Code:  C7GW3PPC5CF4YJQZ

Other Study of Interest

There’s other studies I’ve been reading here and there and been working on. Those includes some programming languages such as Visual C# and C++ but more of a hobbyist then a career path.

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