Level 2 Technical Support

Located in Tempe, Arizona, I worked for Volt Technical Service at the 2Wire location starting out as a level 1 tech taking AT&T Home Networking calls helping with AT&T customers having issues with connecting their computers to the 2Wire gateways.

After working as a level 1 tech for about 4 months I was promoted and gated as a level 2 tech from which I accepted level 1 agent’s transfers for possible trouble ticket creations for possible line issues with AT&T’s networks.

Also as a level 2 tech, I was authorized to issue RMA replacements for 2Wire gateways that’s having issues. We, as level 2 techs, also take calls from Qwest, Telus, and Retail calls with limited support of local network only as we are not given tools to run network tests on their networks.

On November 30th, 2007, I was let go due to low survey scores from customers who felt that the line techs did not do a good job and not me personally. What’s even more funny was the fact that I actually exceeded the survey score at the end of the month but was still let go for it without given another month to see if it’ll continue to go the right direction.

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