I’ve started working at CyberTrails in the second week of April of 2016. CyberTrails is a MSP and also a data center. This is my first job doing support at an enterprise level and at a data center. Because of my background and self learning I was able to get up to speed with what I can and cannot do with the different clients that we have.

We use PRTG for monitoring client’s applications and operational environment from which, depending on the client, will either resolve the issue and notify the client or just notify the client and let them tell us how they would like us to proceed.

Even though this is a data center that we work out of, we are still a help desk as well. Because of that, we support clients via email (through ConnectWise) and by phone.

I’ve create, disable, and reset user accounts in Active Directory and Office 365 depending on the client. We also have a client that uses Google Apps for their users emails so we have access to reset those passwords as well but Active Directory and O365 are the common ones that I work out of.

On top of creating, disabling, and resetting user accounts, I’ve also build out laptops and desktops based off of the client’s specifications along with troubleshooting computer issues. I have also assisted with staging, rack and stack new servers in client’s cabinets in the data center.

We use Cylance for clients who needs an anti-virus solution as Cylance is rated as one of the top anti-virus out there. Because of that, I’ve monitor the dashboard and email alerts for anything that comes in from Cylance and take action appropriately.

The backup solutions that we provide is CommVault and Veeam. I restore files from both solutions and troubleshoot & resolve issues with the Veeam backup software.

Most of our clients’ environments utilizes either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare ESXi. I have deployed OSes on both platforms along with troubleshooting and resolving issues with both platforms.

In June of 2017, NexusTek had bought out CyberTrails and is currently in the progress of merging the 2 companies into one.