My Computer Works

I started working at My Computer Works in early December of 2013 as a remote tech. As a remote tech, I remote into client’s computers with use of VNC or LogMeIn Rescue to assist with training clients on using their computers, browsing safety and clean up their computers.

I also work on Macs, iOS and Android devices.

In the first quarter of 2014, I worked overnights to cover for a private label that was out in Asia from which I’ve helped a few companies mange their Office 365 accounts. In the second quarter I was given access to generate my own backup keys from MozyPro. Third quarter I was acting Go to Guy where I generate backup keys for other techs and help other techs by assisting them get to the bottom of an issue. This was also the time I was given access to FocusIT to help out this private label group setting up emails and fixing Calyx Point Data Server URLs. Towards the end of year in the forth quarter, I have became a full time Technical Manager (Go to Guy) and part time remote tech when changes was implicated to the company to streamline process. This was also when I was given more access to FocusIT allowing me to do file restores. First quarter of 2015, I was given access to CrashPlan for creating accounts in CrashPlan for backup size of over 100GB.