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Livermore 37.682100, -121.768000

Located in Livermore, California, I worked at the Safeway Grocery Store working at the fuel station originally as a courtesy clerk from which I assisted with customers running their card at the pumps and even assisted with disabled and elderly people pump their fuel for them. Since the fuel station I worked at is generally busy for most of the day I also had to direct traffic to help keep the station flowing smoothly.

During slow moments I would walk around and keep the pumps cleaned and the area around the pumps picked up and clean out the wash wells to keep the water clean for customers who wishes to clean their windshields. I would also do small repairs on the pumps such as putting the hose back on the pumps. Big repairs or anything wrong with the pumps themselves I would call it into our service technicians.

Once I turned age eighteen I was promoted to fuel clerk from which I ran the register and did closing before the station went 24 hours. I also performed daily audits of the cash drawer to make sure that we are matching at the end of the day.

In the mornings, I would drive to some of our competitive stations to get the prices of their fuel and report back to corporate with the findings. Normally around noon, if corporate wants to make a change on the prices, I would go to the signs and update the new cost and update it into the computer. What we did is if the price went down we update it system first so the customers can start taking advantage of the cheaper price before updating the signs. If the price went up, we update the signs first before updating it into the system to let customers know ahead of time of the price increase.

When our station went 24 hours, I offered to take the overnight shift from which I also checked the fuel intakes to make sure it was clean of debris and watched over the station.

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