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Originally located in Scottsdale, Arizona and than relocated to Tempe, Arizona, from September 2005 to February 2007, I worked at Shea Mortgage as a Post Closing and Shipping department.

I Started out just doing data entry, entering in Deed of Trust and Insurance information we received back on mortgages to catch up on all the back log that was there at the time. As the weeks went, my manager started giving me different projects in between. The first of this project was getting the suspense report from her (that she pulls from the investor’s site or fax) and logging it into the mortgagee’s file so loan officers and closers can get the items needed to clear the suspense.

As the days went and how fast I was able to do it I was given login information to log into the investors sites and pull the suspense report myself and was able to learn how to clear some of the simple one (such as faxing the investors proof of insurance or a copy of the HUD) and as the time went gotten into digging deep into a mortgagee’s loan for items needed to clear the suspense with the investor for purchase.

In early part of 2006, I was helping out the shippers with stacking and shipping out the loans to the investors while inputting in the mail and DOT into DataTrac. It was also around this time was when I was asked to start taking care of MERS as the contact stated that we are backed up with MINs that are going no where for a company that are not servicing loans. After I got the current up to date MINs transferred to our investors, we ran into another problem of all the other IDs that Shea Mortgage had needed to be detractive so we can truly make it centralized, problem was that those other IDs still had MINs that has yet to be deactivated (Paid in Full or Foreclosed) or transferred. Working with our MERS contact and with the investors for a month directly to clear them out and deactivated the other, unneeded, IDs.

By mid 2007, everything was caught up to speed, only thing that was left was making things automatically and digitally. This was where I shined again. Working with a programmer directly to worked out any bugs for registering and transferring MINs to investors we were able to get the program running perfectly fine with some hiccups that requires manual editing before sending it out for automatic but still works. Another project I helped with the IT department was getting the Motorola copier/scanner to scan the loan package and image the files to import into DataTrac for digitizing and transferring to investors instead of shipping actual loan packages. After 2 months of testing and trial and errors we were able to figure out how everything goes and how picky the software is with the spacer/title bar codes.

In January, 2008, I typed up a step by step user guide for how to use the automatic process of registering and transferring the MINs to investors and basic how to for imaging loan packages.

In February, 2008, on my final day working for the company, I had the managers fix a mistake that they’ve done with a loan where they were going to use a MIN from a dummy loan account that they’ve created to attach it to this person’s loan. Knowing this is a mistake and well mess things up with the automation process, I proceed to calculate out the MIN, checked it with the MERS site to confirm it was valid, and given to the head to fix it the correct way with instructions on how to properly calculate the correct MIN for the future.

As I was working at Shea Mortgage, I was the first Employee of the Month where they started doing commendations. I was also the goto person for almost any issues. I’ve helped with closing sending the Mortgage Note to the bank and making sure that the mortgage is ready to close.

I left Shea Mortgage to go to 2Wire in hopes to get my foot into the IT world.

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